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More survey sites that may interest you

As I have recently written articles about making money online, I have been working hard at trying to come up with more survey sites to make easy money with. I have found two more that may be interesting to all my readers. While these sites are based on a point system, these points can be redeemed for gift cards that relate to just about everyone, including Walmart, Amazon, and even Gamestop for you gamers out there. Here are the two that I have been working one for just a week or so, but have accumulated a lot of points already.

The first one is TellWUT. This one is a little different than most survey sites. Instead of having to search for surveys, they provide a list of ones that are available. In addition, they aren’t really surveys per say, more like polls that you vote for. You can redeem a minimum of 4,000 points for a ten dollar Walmart or Amazon gift card, or wait until you reach 10,000 for $25 cards. These points are easy to earn, with each poll offering five to ten points each. I have been working on this site just a few days, part time, and have accumulated more than 1,200 points already. If you are hanging out on the internet with nothing better to do, this is a really good and fun site to work with.

The second one that I recommend is Mysurvey. It too is point based, but it is easy to accumulate points. Unlike most sites, this one will reward you 100 points even if you don’t qualify for the survey offered. Most surveys are anywhere from 450-1000 points each, and as always, vary in how long the survey takes. In addition, you can also earn 1000 points for each person you refer to the site, up to twenty a day. While it takes awhile to accumulate enough points to redeem, you can get a LOT of different gift cards, anything from CVS pharmacy, Autozone, to Amazon, Walmart and others. This one I have been working on for just a few weeks, off and on, and have accumulated over 8000 points.

Lastly, I mentioned another site before, but if you didn’t get it, here it is again. This one is called Opinion Outpost. This works on a point system, but every 100 points can be turned into cash through PayPal. You can either redeem every 100 points, or you can just accumulate them as much as you want and cash out for more. Last month I cashed out for $70. The best part about this site is there is no annoying wait period. As soon as you cash out to PayPal, it show up in the account within a few minutes, YEAH!!!!. Now just so you know it has suffered some glitches over that last few weeks, but it is worth waiting for it to clear up. Good luck and happy earnings. Post comments if you have others you would like to pass on please.


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