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More 'Super Smash Bros 4' for Wii U and 3DS characters and new stage revealed

'Super Smash Bros 4' for 3DS
'Super Smash Bros 4' for 3DS
Photo courtesy of Nintendo, used with permission

More details have been confirmed by Nintendo regarding "Super Smash Bros 4" for Wii U and 3DS. According to a report by Pure Nintendo on Aug. 8, Nintendo first disclosed that a new Game Boy stage is being added to the handheld version of the crossover fighting game. The classic green screen from the retro portable system was shown, displaying a fight between King Dedede and Kirby. Players will be able to use the stereoscopic 3D effects to add more realism to the unique stage.

In related news, Nintendo announced that there will be an in-game trophy shop to buy the collectibles. The virtual retailer is used so that players can purchase the trophies in order to bypass spending time trying to acquiring the same items. Although coins are used for the exchange, it is unknown how the in-game currency can be acquired. The publisher did hint that the trophies are going to go on sale from time to time.

Among characters that were used to show off for the new feature was Dr. Willy, the main antagonist of the "Mega Man" franchise. The popular action series is already featured heavily in "Super Smash Bros 4" for Wii U and 3DS with a boss, enemy, playable character and stage previously announced. Despite Capcom seemingly putting the franchise to rest, Nintendo is keeping fans of the "Mega Man" series happy with the nostalgic offerings.

The other collectible trophies that were shown include Phantom, a giant armor enemy that originated from "The Legend of Zelda" series. A collectible trophy of Tingle, who came from the same franchise, was also showcased. Finally, the popular Goomba enemy from the "Super Mario Bros" series can be collected as well in the upcoming game.

"Super Smash Bros 4" for 3DS has an official release date of Oct. 3 that was announced at E3 2014. The Wii U version still has a vague holiday launch window for this year. The amount of reveals should be wrapping up soon as the entire playable character roster will be announced later this month. You can find a screen from the aforementioned Game Boy stage near the top of this article (courtesy of the series' Facebook page).