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More stuff happening at C2E2


Briggs gets a cracker if he can name one comic besides NFL Superpro

The Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo (colloquially known as C2E2) is less than two weeks away. With the event so quickly approaching, new reasons to attend are cropping up almost daily. For instance, in addition to an impenetrable wall of B.O., you can look forward to the following:

Oh man, check out all of the Star War things going on at C2E2. In honor of Star War Celebration V happening in Orlando in a few months, C2E2 will be providing autographs, collectible t-shirts and a pavilion! Contained in said pavilion will be a selection of human actors known for portraying ancient alien beings such as:

Amy Allen AKA Attractive Blue Lightsword Lady

Carrie Fisher AKA Princess Vespa

Daniel Logan AKA Future Jetpacked Murderer as Child

Peter Mayhew AKA Snuffleupagus

Ray Park AKA Dark Maul

Orli Shoshan AKA Tim Burton Tentacled Lightsword Lady

You know about this Kick-Ass movie coming out, right? Apparently it was based on a comic book. As such, Kick-Ass will have a special red carpet premiere with celebrities and everything in Chicago on the fifteenth of this month - the day before C2E2 opens. Tickets and details will be made available on the C2E2 site soon. Additionally, there will be a special signing with unspecified Kick-Ass cast members on the sixteenth - the day C2E2 opens. Again, you'll have to wait for those details.

Finally, five-time Pro Bowl player and Co-Defensive Captain of the Chicago Bears sportsball team Mr. Lance Briggs will be attending C2E2 and participating in a number of events including auctions and signings. Because if there's one thing comic nerds love, it's professional athletes.


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