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More stories about paranormal activity through the ages

Below are four stories that were found while researching through some ghost books. Some of these stories take place in Ireland, Italy, and Beyond! So read a little bit about these so called ghostly encounters.

This story takes place in the 1640s and many years after. One of the defenders of Wallstown Castle was killed while fighting. His name was Henry Bennett. His ghost is said to of haunt the area then and many years after. When you see him, he’s wearing light colors and a white hat.

For one caretaker of the castle, he would see Bennett’s ghost during supper time. According to the stories, he’s supposedly a trickster and likes to laugh when you see him.


In 1868, on Nov. 6 at 10 p.m. a strange thing happened in Mussorie, Italy. A Colonel and his family were staying in a room and the young daughter was brushing her hair in the mirror. Innocent enough until she saw one of the family friends, man known as Colonel B. who lived exactly 80 miles from their home.

According to the girl, he was saying goodbye to her. She also could described exactly what his appearance and clothes looked like, which terrified family. Two days later, her father read in the newspaper that his friend indeed was dead, he had killed himself with a gun. What makes this story even stranger, the East India Company confirmed the date of his dead, which was the day the daughter saw him in the mirror.

Knight Hall, located in Forest Grove, Oregon has had its share of creepy things. In 1979, two reporters that worked for the newspaper, “Pacific Index,” claimed to have heard footsteps, a woman singing, and then when they were playing the piano, they heard something even weirder, a woman’s voice begging there to stop playing!

In June of 1989 something interesting happened at Bridport Arms Hotel. It’s place that is known where two ghostly fishing men have been haunting. Well one of those fisherman were so-called filmed on TV, it was caught by the British TV company, “Television South West.” David Young, the presenter of the show said that it was outlined in soot on the kitchen ceiling was the image of a long-haired fisherman. They tried to reproduced the image back at their studio and couldn’t, so what this really a ghost?

So those were four ghostly tales that were around through the ages!

“True Irish Ghost Stories” (1974)
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