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More States Might Soon Require Labeling for GMO Food Products

Crowd Holds Up Banner For GMO Awareness
Crowd Holds Up Banner For GMO Awareness

According to a article listed on, dated January 22nd, two more states might soon require GMO labeling. For many months now, GMO labeling has been a huge issue in more than a dozen states. Many people are fighting for the right to know what is in their food and argue that it is indeed their right. States such as Rhode Island and Hawaii have now in the process labeling bills that would require any genetically modified food product to be labeled. Rhode Island Rep. Dennis Canario, agrees that labeling should be accepted for these food products since any other food item in the grocery store already notifies things such as calories, fat, and carbs, so shouldn't us consumers have a right to know if our food has been altered.

Most all biotech companies are against this and argue that it would raise prices for manufacturing of the new labels, thus stressing the consumer more so due to higher prices making them less affordable. They also mention that GMOs are efficient and many times have said that it could help in the fight for world hunger. Modified crops are supposed to be more durable and resistant against disease and drought. However, many food watchers say that they lead to harmful health effects including cancer, autism and also allergies.

Between seventy and eighty percent of the food in the grocery store is said to be genetically modified, the problem is that although some sources can help aid you in figuring what isn't and what is, there is no sure answer these biotech giants are willing to give us. While many people are clinging to the aid of the federal government many companies including Whole Foods and General Mills are trying to turn a new leaf. Whole Foods has announced that in a minimum of five years they will be labeling all GMO products. General Mills has changed their Cheerios up a bit, by leaving the genetically modified products out of their recipe. As food protests go on and people fight for their right, eventually they will lead the way to a fresh new healthy start.