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More snow means more school closings

More snow on the horizon for WV
More snow on the horizon for WV

More snow is scheduled for West Virginia this week and many areas have already begin to see the effects of that. For families that means more school closings. For up-to-date listings and to track the weather parents can visit Channel 13 News.

In many counties school closings are contentious issue. While necessary for the safety of kids and drivers in the road sometime it causes problems as well. For example, here in Greenbrier County when school is shut down to snow it is often snow in one half of the district. Those who live in the Lewisburg - White Sulphur Springs area have to miss school as well because of district lines but get very little of the bad weather. This happened Monday here. This makes it frustrating for parents who have to scramble to find babysitters or call in to work.