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More 'Smash Bros' rumors may confirm return of Falco

Could this mark the return of Falco?
Could this mark the return of Falco?

An image showing a avatar Falco on the Smash Bros website has popped up around the internet leading many to believe this is confirmation of the return of the Star Fox character, while others are much more skeptical of its legitimacy.

To start debunking it let's just look at the language it's in, which is Japanese. It would be much easier to trick English speaking fans into believe this image is real by putting it in a language they don't understand, especially the language that is native to the development of the game.

Another knock on this image is that it has begun circulating far too close to the reveal of Lucario. As things have gone, a character is usually revealed once a month, and often times in direct correlation with a specific event. For example King Dedede was unveiled as Kirby: Triple Deluxe was released in Japan.

Now on the flip side Falco does have a bit of a landmark coming up as February 21 is the anniversary of the Japanese release of the Star Fox series. This could be an early image not meant to be released till much later, which would then keep things consistent with the "one character a month" theme.

What is also always interesting to note is the model of Falco. Though we cant see much, it appears to be something relatively different and since there hasn't been a Star Fox game in years this is either an incredibly impressive fake or his new model.

Whether or not this image is real or fake it is only fair to share it with fans just in case it happens to be true. With that said, Falco will probably return at some point regardless of this leak. What do you think? Do you want to see Falco back or would you prefer a new Star Fox representative?

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