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More Smash Bros. alternate costumes shown

Female Villager will be joining the Smash Bros. roster
Female Villager will be joining the Smash Bros. roster
Smash Bros

Today Masahiro Sakurai posted the newest addition of the Super Smash Bros. roster, revealing that fans will have the option to play as both the male and female versions of the Animal Crossing villager.

While Sakurai normally adds some in depth commentary to his pictures, today he had a very simple message as he said "You can choose to play as the girl villager too! How lovely."

Not only can you play as the female villager, but it also seems as if you can play as other versions of the villager. In Brawl the only character with an alternate costume was Wario, so it is nice to have some extra options in the new Smash Bros.

So far we have already seen that there will be a wireframe version of Little Mac as well as the male counterpart of Wii Fit Trainer. While this shows that alternate costumes are becoming increasingly more likely, it is also important to note that thus far the characters getting an outfit change are all newcomers.

Hopefully there are many more costume changes to come. I'm sure many fans would love to see the return of Dr. Mario as an alternate to Mario or maybe something as simple as Diddy Kong with a backwards hat. Either way it is never bad to have more options.