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More Signs That a Global Economic Collapse is Imminent!

The sanctions on Russia are starting to take their toll across the globe as China is warning that these sanctions could lead to a dangerous chain reaction that would be difficult to control.

China is concerned by these sanctions because as the US and Europe are imposing them on Russia, Russia in return will try to impose equal debilitating sanctions on the US and Europe. The Chinese warn that the retaliatory actions by the Russians will only lead the world economy into a downward spiral. It turns out that China had a good cause for concern.

China's economy has been faltering since the beginning of 2014, and may very well be the first major economy effected, besides Russia, due to the Ukraine sanctions. News about the crisis in the Ukraine has keep sales down in China, leading to an emergency stimulus package. Money will be invested in new railway systems in an effort to get people downtown shopping, and to boost commerce.

But China is not the only country experiencing economic downturns. India, Turkey and Japan are all faltering. More economies are expected to show signs of distress in the coming days and weeks. In fact there are signs that a global economic collapse is imminent. The prices of precious medals and commodities continue to rises and gas prices are once again spiking at the pumps to almost 4 dollars a gallon.

Financial experts are also warning that this crisis in the Ukraine may make the smaller growing economies more vulnerable to economic collapse. World banks and investors are now turning their attention toward the Ukraine, making it harder for those who need financial help to receive it. The U.S. is also talking about new and deepening sanctions on Iran which will help further the global impact.

The first round of sanctions put on Iran by the U.S. was designed to target, and put pressure on those who import Iranian oil. Interestingly enough, many of these countries that imported Iranian oil, are now faltering, such as Turkey, China and Japan. So what would the next imposed round of sanctions on Iran by the U.S. do to the economies of the world? Its easy to see how the supply of oil, and the price paid for it, could effect the balance of things globally.

But there are other things that may contribute to a global economic collapse. The long hard winter across much of the US has left high gas and electric bills that will have to be paid continuous throughout the summer months, leaving many people scraped for cash. Local economies are being shorted by winter bills having to pay for road repair and for the replenishment of the much needed salt. The drought in California is expected to send meat, dairy and produce prices soaring. Also the new healthcare law deadline on March 31st, will add another high bill to those barely able to afford it. Businesses are laying people off or cutting hours to avoid paying health care for their employees. All of this adds up to lack of consumer spending power and a struggling U.S. economy. Add in a war with Russia and the results are devastating.

Although, Russia has some influence on the oil in the Middle East, there is yet another factor when it comes to the Ukraine that could effect the economies around the globe. The Ukraine is also a major exporter of corn and wheat. The Ukraine, being one of the world's top exporters of these basic commodities could have an impact on prices around the globe should this supply be halted. Russia may now have control of the natural gas, oil wheat and corn that comes out of that region, which also would be a necessary commodity and supply for much of Europe.

A world economic collapse is coming and it is coming soon! There is only way to ensure that you and your family will be safe from what is about to come. This is the tribulation hour that will test all people who dwell on the earth and are left behind. There will be war, famine, disease and death. What is happening in Syria now is a small picture to what will be happening around the globe. But you don't have to be left behind. Ask Jesus into your heart, to forgive you of your sins, so you can be ready. Jesus is coming soon to save those who have turned from their sins and who have put their trust in him. Get ready, ask Jesus into your heart today!

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