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More Sharp Healthcare servies in store for East County

Adam Benjamin (layout)
Adam Benjamin (layout)
East County residents have more time to use Grossmont Hospital's public services offered by Sharp Healthcare.

The Grossmont Healthcare District's partnership ith Grossmont Hospital operator Sharp Healthcare will not end. East County voters, on Tuesday, took Sharp's offer to extend the district's lease for 30 years. Voting 86.81 percent to 13.19 percent to pass Proposition H.

Services offered at the publicly owned hospital stay open to the East County locals who can regularly use a hospital Sharp invests hundreds of millions of dollars in keeping up to date and equipping with state-of-the-art lifesaving equipment. Hospital profit will continue to add up hospital investment money. Sharp runs the hospital not for profit.

Using the profit saves the taxpayers money.

A 2006 amendment to the California Health and SAfety Code gave the Grossmont Healthcare District the opportunity to extend the lease agreed on in 1991.

East County Supervisor Diane Jacobs asked voters to approve the lease extension. Local doctors, nurses, EMTs, and patients, and the San DIego COunty Taxpayers Association supported keeping the public hospital open. Public hearings were held on the extension during the early months in 2014. The district's Board of Directors agreed on the new lease term in March.

The Prop H vote settled the public agreement in East County on using quality comprehensive medical and emergency services at Grossmont Hospital. A second lease keeps the services Sharp gives to patients at the hospital, services the district calls better, and more efficient, than using a public operator. East County residents would have given up the private provider services.

No added taxpayer money is needed to pay for the district's planned improvements at Grossmont Hospital. Grossmont Healthcare District now will have money to pay for the mandated seismic upgrades and the remaining work on the Heart and Vascular Center.

THis is a Center Line Policy Alert.