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More scientific evidence of the link between BPA chemicals and breast cancer

Medical News Today on Tuesday, March 11, 2014 reported on recent research findings in its article, 'A step closer to understanding how BPA may promote breast cancer growth.' This research points to more evidence of the link between BPA and breast cancer. An excerpt from the article, "We can't immediately say BPA causes cancer growth, but it could well contribute because it is disrupting the genes that defend against that growth," said Mandal, who is corresponding author on the paper.”

This research makes it clear that there is a link between breast cancer and BPA chemicals which are routinely found in plastics such as water bottles or canned goods but have been recently removed from baby bottles because of public outcry.

Breast Cancer Fund has helped to shed light on BPA as one of the endocrine (or hormone) disrupting chemicals (EDC) environmental risk factors and has passionately worked to ban its use. As the article points out and the BCF website explains in depth, EDCs wreck havoc on the body's hormonal systems, especially by mimicking estrogen. This research helps to tie these issues together and bring more clarity even though other questions are being raised as a result of this research.

The paradox is that it is now being reported that BPA-free plastics are harmful too. Solution, use glass, ceramics or metal as much as possible.

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