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More sanctions please

BBC News

Once again, Russia appears to be testing the limits on how much longer the rest of the world is going to continue to just give them a slap on the wrist for the violations against people that continues to be committed there. Less than twenty-four hours after Vladimir Putin threatened to take retaliatory measures against western countries, because of the sanctions that have been imposed there recently.

A Russian gang hacked 1.2 billion usernames and passwords belonging to more than 500 million email addresses around the world, according to Hold Security. A U.S. based firm that specializes in discovering breaches. The investigation took more than seven months to discover the extent of this hack. This group did not just target the large companies, they targeted every site that their victims visited. The data gained was used to attack email providers, social media, and other websites to distribute spam and install malicious software to redirect you to infected sites.

Hold Security did not reveal the names of the victims, because of nondisclosure agreements, and a reluctance to name companies whose sites were still vulnerable. Hopefully this information will be made public sooner than later. Now it would be pure speculation to suggest that Vladimir Putin had any knowledge of the actions being carried out by this gang, Russia is a big country. However it will be very interesting to see if anyone is brought to justice in Russia and tried before a U.N. panel.

With this type of information in their possession, the only thing needed now is knowledgeable people to put the pieces together and figure out all of our online habits.

Has anyone heard from Eric Snowden lately?