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More Reasons to Perform Cold Weather Workouts

It’s easy to put off doing your 10,000 steps a day, your workout or daily jog, because “It’s too cold.” But that’s no excuse. Dress warmly in layers and keep up your routines. Treadmills and climbing staircases count too. Layer up at gyms and the office too (and get flue shots!)

But keep in mind that working out in the cold weather has some benefits. It stimulates brown fat. The New England Journal of Medicine now a research associate at the Joslin Diabetes Center in Boston—confirmed that not only is brown fat common in adults that are thinner people. Plus brown fat is innervated with a blood supply making it appear slightly brown in color and more importantly active tissue that increases metabolism.

Because layering is so important in this type of weather, having a natural fiber base layer can help. A new brand to Chicago is Icebreaker, the merino wool active apparel from New Zealand. There is new store at 44 E. Walton in Chicago (west of Michigan Avenue, near Rush St.) and they are having a 30 percent off sale now of all winter clothing and accessories. There are also locations in NY, CA, CO, D.C., OR, WA, and 44 countries across the globe plus, of course, Icebreaker is perfect as it is antimicrobial and you can wear it for days without washing. You won’t sweat and overheat and you won’t be cold. It works to keep you warm in the cold and cool in the heat.Plus it’s soft and very comfortable merino for all sports activity. Synthetics can’t beat the qualities and benefits of merino. (Merino Sheep live in the high altitudes of the Southern Alps of New Zealand).

Layer your gloves, use liners.
Wear wool socks instead of cotton.
Layer your clothes- Use natural wicking fibers like wool close to your skin.
Second layer is warmth or thick fleeces.
Top layer should be wind resistant.

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