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More questions on Colorado HB 1284 (pt4)

Before we look at some of the other provisions and amendments to Colorado HB 1284, one topic from yesterday’s column may be worth revisiting briefly;

The idea that MMJ centers should be required to grow 70% of their own cannabis, and be allowed to acquire the other 30% from other centers is as random a requirement as ever a legislator has ever come up with, well maybe...

In Louisville residents may not own a chicken, but may own up to three turkeys.

In Sterling cats may not run loose without having been fit with a tail light.

In Denver it is unlawful to lend your vacuum cleaner to your next door neighbor.

Forcing a business to purchase product from one of its competitors is almost as ridiculous as these local laws, only it would affect the entire state!

This is in light of the fact that one resolution in the document states that “…the medical marijuana constitutional provisions do not create a right to operate a medical marijuana retail operation or a medical marijuana cultivation operation.”

According to this, it doesn’t sound as though dispensaries would be legal at all, let alone able to “purchase” from one another.

One of the most troubling amendments would give local municipalities the right to “opt out” if they chose not to allow dispensaries in their areas.

This would be catastrophic to business owners who shelled out tens and in some cases hundreds of thousands of dollars to enter the green rush. In rural areas, in particular, patients would be forced to travel for hours in order to find medicine. What if every or even most municipalities decided to “opt out?”

Officials claim that patients could utilize the caregiver system and have included a provisional caregiver list to help patients and caregivers to locate each other. However, it also puts demands upon caregivers, that some say are unconstitutional, in  light of Ammendment 20. The wording of the provision goes like this;

A “primary care-give” shall assist the patient with handling the effects and consequences of the debilitating medical condition, including administration of prescription medication, attendance at medical appointments, assuring the patient complies with dietary requirements, and assistance with other daily aspects of the patient’s housing, safety, and comfort. “Primary care-giver” shall not include a person whose responsibilities for the patient include only the cultivation of marijuana on behalf of the patient or the provision, sale, or distribution of marijuana to the patient.”

This is a far over-reach from amendment 20 and the intention of the voters of the State of Colorado, 56% of whom voted in favor of the Amendment.

These requirements are on par with that of a fully staffed nursing home and would clearly be the undoing of medical marijuana in Colorado entirely.


  • Uncommon Sense 5 years ago

    What the Democrats who back this ridiculous bill seem to be failing to realize is that their position going into this next election is tenuous enough without alienating a good portion of their younger voter-base. The conservatives aren't going to vote for them, and no, neither are the few supporters they have left. They all seem like lemmings following Head Lemming Chris Romer right off the cliff.

  • ShortySmallz 5 years ago

    Great comment Uncommon Sense--patients take notice--Chris Romer SHOULD NOT get your vote in the next election, in fact BOYCOTT any state politician that supports treating patients like criminals, or insists in blocking dispensaries from the same rights and practices as Walgreens and other pharmacies, who sell medication that is responsible for tens of thousands of overdoses and drug addiction cases a year--I don't see anyone sending armed inspectors into those stores, and I don't see law enforcement claiming that these businesses raise crime, even though they sell the most addictive substances on earth, such as Valium and Oxycontin, which by the way, Doctors also prescribe out at an alarming rate, though I don't see any movement to try and disbar these doctors--there is an obvious bias against pot that is directly linked to the demonization of marijuana unfairly for the last 90 years--what started as racism is still manifesting in the ignorance of law enforcement and law makers...

  • AntiPatientBill 5 years ago

    Thanks to Kevin Brooks and the Examiner for highlighting some of the unreasonable and absurd aspects to Romer's bill. The overwhelming majority of the 100,000 patients in Colorado would seriously revolt against this bill, if they realized how incredibly destructive it will be for patient access and patient options. It doesn't sound like the recent hearing gave medical cannabis patients enough time to testify against this misguided bill.

    Romer said that this bill must pass, or the governor wil call some type of special meeting. What sorta threat is this? Will the Governor again try to undermine Colorado's Constitution with more behind-the-scences sabotaging of Amend 20, like having CDPHE write more letters threatening physicians to not recommend more than 6 plants, a right spelled out in Amend 20, provided the doc feels more than 6 plants are "medically necessary"?

    With all the violent crime in Colorado, Romer's bill is an unconscionable misuse of our resources.

  • scottieclause 5 years ago

    I couldnt agree with all these statements more. Well said!!! Either get a grip now or loose all followers in a couple months. Please remember one thing: Even if you dont smoke for mmj purposes, you probabally know someone very close to you that does! PEACE

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