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More professors using public classrooms to indoctrinate students

Rialto - These days, it’s imperative for concerned parents to quiz their offspring over lesson plans and instructions presented by teachers and professors. Often, "critical thinking" assigments turn out to be biased political/social indoctrinations.

From middle school to college, fringe religious and political-activist teachers and professors have pervasively infested U.S. academic institutions.

While relatively few wacky professors' agendas are outed by smartphone recordings each month, many more indoctrinations passed off as lesson plans are regularly taught in schools and universities across the country.

Last week, an assignment forcing eighth-grade students in Rialto, Calif. to argue that the Holocaust never happened was reluctantly retracted. It wasn’t until parents got involved and word spread through social media that the particularly offensive lesson was addressed. Beleaguered interim school superintendent Mohammad Z. Islam finally cancelled the assignment after a week of protests and much media attention. Historians estimate 6 million Jews — about two of every three in Europe — were killed by the Nazi regime between 1933 and 1945 in a program targeting “undesirables.”

On the heels of the Rialto middle school fiasco, administrators facing public condemnation were forced to retract graduation "do-not-thank-God" instructions of a professor at taxpayer-funded East Carolina University (ECU). Assistant Professor Eli Hvastkovs forbade his students from thanking God in their personal statements during a departmental graduation.

“You can’t thank God. I’m sorry about this — and I don’t want to have to outline the reasons why,” Hvastkovs told his students.

“Keep it brief,” the assistant professor also told them. “I didn’t give you a real word limit.” Then, in the very next sentence, he demanded “at max 35 words.”

Asked to explain why he told his students they were not to mention God in personal statements during a hastily called Campus Reform meeting, Hvastkovs argued that entirely too many students expressed gratitude to God during last year’s departmental graduation ceremony at ECU.

“It’s not a religious ceremony,” he said. “It’s purely educational.”

Beyond forcing students to argue the Holocaust was just politics and ordering students not to thank God, Republicans and conservatives are favorite targets of liberal professors' bias.

Last month, a radical liberal professor at Eastern Connecticut State University was caught on video teaching hate for Republicans. Brent Terry, professor at Eastern Connecticut State University, told his class that a GOP victory will turn America into a"very different kind of country...colleges will start closing up." In a four-minute recording of a classroom lecture obtained by Campus Reform, Professor Brent Terry is also heard teaching his students that conservatives are greedy racists who want to suppress the vote of anyone who might vote liberal.

Sound and video technologies are perhaps the most powerful tools used to identify ideologue-bound professors who are using public classrooms to further certain political and social agendas. More and more, smart phones and other recording devices are able to discreetly record hateful rants and indefensible lessons of rogue professors — and upload them for public viewing in real time.

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