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More problems with the ObamaCare website

More concerns regarding Affordable Healthcare Act
More concerns regarding Affordable Healthcare Act

For a website that seemed it would be fixed it is far from being in that status. The company hired by the White House administration, Accenture, is now causing this healthcare website further delays in corrections. Not only that, the CBO has raised concerns regarding ObamaCare and the website errors have caused more persons in need of insurance to question how it is this cannot be corrected. For example if a person is not employed and has little income they cannot obtain this type of insurance. What is more odd, if a person is working part-time yet in need of insurance they are still denied because they are being told they have too much of an income.

It raises the question, what exactly was the reason for this website and this Affordable Health Care Act if no one can obtain healthcare from it? There are now millions of persons removed from their insurance providers yet they cannot obtain any insurance because they make too much money; how is it these persons are able to obtain health insurance on this program? It seems this program is nothing but a faux program to play games with the American people and that is a foul promise that must be ended so other legislation can be put into place for correction.