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More places to go when the weather outside is frightful: The Newport Aquarium


Just across the river from downtown Cincinnati you'll find the Newport Aquarium.  With over 70 exhibits and animals from around the globe, the aquarium is sure to be entertaining for people of any age.  Read on for more information about what you'll experience on your visit!

Watch out for that shark!  Newport Aquarium
Jessica Prussia

Also, right now you can take advantage of Winter Family Days where up to 2 children get in free with an adult paying full priced admission.  This offer is good all day, every day, from January 1st through February 28th.  Strollers are also permitted during this special offer. Visit the website for stroller policies throughout the rest of the year at

The Frog Bog

Park your stroller and come inside this newly added exhibit where you'll find over 20 species of exotic frogs, 3 foot replicas of frogs to climb on and a series of tunnels, tubes and slides that are great for letting your child burn off some steam!

Hidden Treasures of the Rainforest Islands

Enter the door of this exhibit and it's as if you've just stepped into a small version of the Rainforest.  Here you'll discover birds flying freely over your head (don't worry, for $2.00 you can pick up a poncho!), burmese pythons and otters.  Be sure to purchase a cup of nectar for $1.00, hold onto it tightly and let one of the lorikeets eat right from your hand!

Jellyfish Gallery

Did you just step into an upscale art gallery?  Are those pictures moving??  No, you've just entered the Jellyfish Gallery!  In this beautifully presented exhibit you'll find nearly 100 jellyfish of various species, a 360-degree tank, an interactive tank where you can make the jellyfish change colors and more!

Surrounded by Sharks

A trip to the aquarium would not be complete without seeing some sharks!  This 385,000 gallon tank is home to Shark Rays, Tiger Sharks, Stingrays, a Loggerhead sea turtle and many other varieties of sea life.  Gather your courage for this display because with the acrylic tunnel and see-through floor you'll literally be surrounded by sharks!

Shark Central

Perhaps the most unique exhibit in the aquarium, Shark Central not only puts you up close and personal with a shark-it gives you the opportunity to touch one!  Are they soft?  Slimy?  Rough?  You'll have to find out for yourself!  And remember-touch with two fingers only!

For more information about the aquarium visit their website at


  • Jess 5 years ago

    Awesome pictures of the aquarium you've got here! I love that place...when it's NOT overly-crowded.

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