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More picnics and equipment at Cabrillo Heights Park

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The new picnic table along the walk in to Cabrillo Heights Neighborhood Park from the Kearny Villa Road parking lot is just one new table in the park's new larger picnic collection. Up on the hill, on the upper level, several picnic tables surround a shaded picnic pavillion.

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Hot coal boxes stand on the grass edges near the barbecue spots.

District 7's Councilman joined neighborhood children, and the Parks and Recreation Director, at the park in JUne to thank the city officials and workers, and neighborhood partners, for their work on taking a big step on making outdoor recreation and relaxation in nature more popular in the neighborhood south of Aero Drive. The Park Director, at the public event held next to a new, second, children's playground, near the Kearny Villa ROad entrance, on the lower level, made a city example out of the space the locals can use to enjoy life.

A shade structure park builders put on top of the main playground exercise and slide equipment protects young park visitors, and their families, from too much sun. Shade is now more typical at popular spots in the park. Picnic tables, on the hill, stand near trees. On the landscape that surrounds the new playground, down below, new young shade trees grow on stakes.

New barbecue pits at the park put more outdoor cooking spots on the neighborhood map. Taking life easy outdoors can help the locals stay healthy.

Disabled locals can now count on easy trips into the park. The Kearny Villa Road parking lot entrance starts at a sidewalk ramp and goes along a flat walkway past the lower picnic table and a bench, and the children's playground, to the bottom of the tree covered slope between the park's two levels. Near the park's inner baseball field, workers built a short ramp up to the upper level picnic area, and rails.

The ADA upgrades will keep park visits easy for all.

Cabrillo Heights Neighborhood Park now has a reputation for one more park addition on the landscape next to the Kearny Villa Road parking lot. A rain garden. A beautified outdoor place the city collects, and filters, storm water. The project set up work on water supply, and quality, called, rainwater harvesting.

Not only can the city collect hundreds of gallons of natural water supply in Serra Mesa, it uses the low point in the local landscape to filter rain water runoff that came through the city streets, off rooftops, and down the dirt and brush covered slopes into the city's pipelines. Muddy storm water carrying natural landscape waste, and pollution, does not pollute the water that runs through the pipelines into the San Diego watersheds that flow into the ocean.

Ongoing work on San Diego's water quality, the Transportation and Storm Water Deputy Director, at the park ribbon cutting event, said shows, together, the city and the San Diego residents in the city's neighborhoods can count on to achieve clean water goals. "All of us have a role to play in protecting watersheds," he said.

Cabrillo Heights Neighborhood Park is not just cooler. The building work will pay the city back in gallons of clean water.

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