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More pets for adoption at NCAL


Don't let those sunny skies get you down while you are hard at work at the office. There are many ways to help reduce the stress in your life, but one of the best is to spend some quality time with your pet!  If you don't have a hairy buddy to share your time with, then think about adopting one at North Country Animal League!

Many research studies show that loving and caring for a friendly pet can reduce stress, help make new friends, lower blood pressure, prevent loneliness and depression, and they are great companions for play and exercise! If you want to change your life for the better, then consider giving one of these adorable animals a home!


Cattle Dogs are known to be intelligent, athletic, loyal and naturally cautious. They respond well to structured training and are willing to go the distance. Albany, an 8-month-old Cattle Dog mix, is ready to learn! She is looking for someone who is ready to train, socialize and love her. She will bond quickly to her new owner and would be fantastic in agility training.


Are you the mellow, easy going type of person? Do you enjoy playing with your tail, string, catnip-scented balls, and bugs? Do you take long naps in the middle of the day? (Hey, we aren’t here to judge you!) Maybe you should come and meet Jonnie, a 2-year-old domestic short hair cat. He wants to be the center of attention and would entertain you for hours, or until his next nap.

Thanks again to Cody from NCAL for the great pet info!


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