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More people visit Florida and this leads to more jobs

More people are visiting Florida and this is creating more and more jobs for working Florida residents.
According to the Florida TaxWatch Report released on August 4, investment in Florida’s tourism industry created about 76,000 jobs in 2013 and the number of visitors who came to Florida in 2013 increased by more than 2.8 million in 2013. The goal is to attract 100 million visitors to Florida by 2015 and if this goal is met, more jobs will be created.

In the TaxWatch Report, Dominic Calabro, President and CEO of Florida TaxWatch was quoted as saying, “Florida’s thriving tourism industry provide extraordinary opportunities for economic growth. By increasing the number of visitors to Florida, the state is on track to reach this important milestone, providing jobs to hardworking taxpayers along the way,” said Calabro.

Because more people have been coming to Florida at least 38,389 tourism related jobs and also 37,382 non-tourism industry jobs for Florida residents. The expansion in tourism in 2013 has resulted in the creation of more than 75,771 jobs with an average salary of more than $43,000, according to the TaxWatch Report.

“I am glad that more tourism jobs have opening up in Florida. I think one of the reasons that people come to Florida is because there is no income tax in Florida. This makes Florida a much more attractive place to live, work and vacation,” said Ellen Bond.

“It is good that so many people want to visit Florida. This just means more jobs for people who live and raise families in Florida. I hope the good news continues,” said Rachel Goldstein.

“We can always use more tourists. More tourists mean more money for people like me. I work as a restaurant server,” said Josh Epworth.
Florida has always been associated with tourism. And while in recent years, the economy has been weak and people have struggled to find work, many people visited Florida. Many people who live in Florida work in hotels and restaurants that cater to tourists.

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