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More people are using social media for better customer service results

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Everyone has had the arduous telephone experience of getting automated prompts and then being placed on hold for what seems an eternity. Or even worse getting cut off and having to call them all over again.

Since many companies outsource their customer service people to India or the Philippines, there sometimes is difficulty in understanding their accent and for them to understand your American accent.

They are trying their best but the language barrier can sometimes be an added burden,

Corresponding by email can sometimes be a better use of your valuable time, as long as it gets to a real person who replies in a timely manner. But those results are not great either.

But with more and more companies using social media such as Facebook and Twitter, there are many people who have a gripe now using these platforms where the response by the company has been prompt giving the customer a more satisfactory outcome.

The reasons are due to the complaint going 'viral' since it is on their social media page, for everyone to see.Therefore the social media person has an urgency to get that negative publicity resolved quickly.

Now using these platforms for a dissatisfied customer, only is useful in situations where using the traditional customer service corresponding methods has not lived up to your expectations.

But when phoning and email fail, then is the time to tweet or post about your displeasure. It's not just that it works, but psychologically what it does to us is that when we complain in general and we're effective, we get a result, we feel empowered and we feel assertive and we feel good. It's really good for our self-esteem, for our psychological mood.