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More Ontario residents spot bright orange/red lights

In a previous article, Paul Shishis of Oshawa spotted a bright orange light in the night sky on June 30, 2014. It turns out that he was not the only one to view this strange sight.

On June 26, 2014 at about 10:30-10:40 p.m., an Ottawa resident was in a backyard looking through a telescope toward the north. According to a Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) report, a witness noticed “a bright orange light traveling southward…” As the person continued to watch the strange object, it was also noted that it was “moving at a high rate of speed… As it passed, it remained the same orange colour from front to back and I was not able to see any aircraft marking strobe lights.”

The witness added that no sound could be heard. Then “a few seconds later, I observed another orange light, of the same size following the same flight path…” It seemed to be trying to catch up with the first one, the witness noted but added that it could have been a “reflection in the eyepiece of the camera” on a cell phone. Eventually, the witness lost sight of the object behind some houses.

“I have lived in this area for almost 10 years and have an interest in aviation, and familiar with aircraft flying overhead,” the witness wrote. “I have never observed anything similar to these lights.”

Ottawa orange lights

Also on June 26 at about 10:40 p.m., another Ottawa resident spotted “four bright orange lights silently flying by in Orleans.” According to a MUFON report, the witness had just exited a bus at Innes and Portobello roads and was walking along the roadside when the light was spotted “flying over the tops of the homes.” As the witness continued to walk, the orange light was seen descending slowly, similar to what a meteor might do. As it did so, lights on the object “flickered off” and then grew bright again.”

The witness then lost sight of the object behind some houses but a couple of seconds later, “a second orange light came into view” from the same northeasterly direction. This one looked just like the first one and followed the same path. The witness noted that it made no sound.

After another few seconds had passed, “a third light appeared. Again, same size, colour, brightness, direction and trajectory” with no sound. The lights appeared to follow each other before descending downward and flickering off “like a spark.” Then a fourth light appeared and followed the others before the witness lost sight of them behind the houses.

Noting a father who was an Air Force pilot, the witness wrote about being “very familiar with aircraft and what they look like at night” and “they certainly weren’t planes flying in formation…”

The orange lights caught the witnesses attention because “they were so big, like giant orange orbs silently flying along (and) slowly descending to the ground… I felt very excited while I was witnessing them, taking great care to watch and make mental notes of their direction and characteristics.”

Sarnia red orbs

On June 21 at about 11:48 p.m., a Sarnia resident spotted two “large glowing orbs of two colours, which brightened and dimmed.” According to a MUFON report, the witness noted that one UFO appeared be be over the western part of the city. It was described as orb shaped and “looked like a fireball.

“The first one I witnessed was a bright red in colour,” the witness wrote adding that it moved “on a vertical flight path, and descending out of view below the tree lines.” Withing five minutes, “two large fireballs came from behind the trees. One was bright red and the other was a dimmer yellow - orange. Fading in between yellow and orange.”

The witness added that the two “fireballs” appeared close together and “moved almost simultaneously from vertical flight paths to slightly horizontal but mostly hovered into place.” When they dropped being a tree line, they seemed to disappear.

“I was completely in awe by this point, and though (I) had full intention of taking a photo, I could not get a clear shot as they bobbed from behind and in front of the tree lines.”

Toronto orange light

A resident of Toronto saw a “bright orange pulsating star” on June 17 at about midnight. According to a MUFON report,
the witness was outside having a smoke and looking at the stars when this orange light was seen. The witness noted that while watching, other lights were visible that were “red, blue and white.” The witness first believed it might have been Mars or perhaps even a helicopter. However, this object “hovered and then rotated on (a) Y axis” as it drifted northward. It then disappeared.

The witness noted that the first reaction was one of surprise followed by a desire to analyze what was seen and then “a sense of excitement, disbelief (and) anxiety.”

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