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More on Ryan Dungey, 2010 National Supercross Lites Champion

Screen capture of newly-revamped Ryan Dungey web page.
Screen capture of newly-revamped Ryan Dungey web page.
Web capture and preparation: Mia Kalish

Besides setting a new Supercross record as the youngest rider ever to win the championship, Rockstar Makita Suzuki Team member Ryan Dungey has one of the coolest web sites around at With its gorgeous graphics, Flash movies, and comprehensive scope, the site reflects Dungey’s standing as a superior athlete. More, perhaps, than the words he is able to shine with in interviews, his dedication to the development of an excellent web presence reveals the strength that fuels him as a champion.

His bio includes not only the requisite details, but briefly tells the story of his amazing connection and work with Roger DeCoster. He includes is racing information, but also shares the deeply moving personal insight of his involvement with the LIVESTRONG campaign for cancer awareness. Having lost his grandmother to cancer in 2005, he has dedicated his career to her memory, and devotes time to helping find a cure for cancer.

The photos page has a superb collection, and is well worth the trip. The site itself seems to be a composite Flash movie that prohibits download, but despite this apparent limitation, exploring it is well worth the time. Both the videos page and the events page seem to be incomplete, since the visuals invite clicking, but the effort leaves one wanting action. The News section item on the site relaunch does not provide information about whether the site is still being developed or is complete as is.

There are two other Ryan Dungey sites, both on Facebook. One is “Ryan Dungey is the new GOAT of motocross”  and other is the Ryan Dungey Fan Page. All are available for fan interaction and information.