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More MTS buses go back and forth Summer

MTS (picture and graphics); Adam Benjamin (layout)
MTS (picture and graphics); Adam Benjamin (layout)
MTS steps up bus service. New bus runs start June.

New MTS bus route schedules started up Sunday, June 8th. The 20 bus runs its route between Rancho Bernardo Station and downtown. Weekday rush hours, the buses run every 15 minutes between downtown and Kearny Mesa.

All trips go through Fashion Valley.

Riders will take the new rapid bus service to go to the Del Lago Station and the north Escondido station.

Summer beach crowds can look for a 8 or 9 bus to take a beach trip. The bus runs between Pacific Beach and Old Town. 8 buses go to Mission Beach stops. 9 buses stop at Sea Worl.

The 27 bus runs hourly on Saturdays.

Take one of the MTS flyers to see the route and schedule changes.

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