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More modern roses

The Chicago gardener has six more delightful choices for a modern rose garden. These remaining choices are hybrid tea and grandiflora, miniature, climbing miniature, polyantha, rambler and shrub roses.

Stunning red roses
Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

Hybrid tea and grandiflora roses delight gardeners as cut flowers and are beautiful in formal beds or as hedges. These roses are free-branching, thorny, shrub roses with an upright or bushy tendency. Mid to dark green leaflets have a glossy or matte finish. Large, double flowers grow singly or in groups to 3-6 blossoms throughout the growing season.

In a raised bed, along a garden path, in a rock garden or inside a sunny kitchen, miniature roses enchant gardeners. These compact, shrub roses have petite, slightly prickly stems and miniature blossoms, usually unscented. They grow all season in sprays of 3-11 flowers.

Climbing miniature roses are diminutive, controlled climbers with few thorns that look great covering low garden walls or fences. Miniature flowers appear in clusters of 3-11 blossoms and have single or fully double petals. The flowers appear in bursts of blossoms all season.

Polyantha roses, grown in beds, borders, hedges or in containers, are compact, shrub roses with few thorns. They produce many small single to double flowers in bursts throughout the growing season.

Vigorous rambler roses are a diverse group with dense foliage and long, bending and thorny stems. Flowers are sometimes scented, single or fully double and grow in clusters of 3-21 blossoms. They grow beautifully over a fence, wall, pergola or a tree.

Modern shrub roses are hybrids of species, hybrid musks or hybrid Kordesii English roses. They are larger than hybrid tea roses. The scented flowers grow singly or in clusters of a few to many blossoms on thorny stems. They’re beautiful all season as specimen plants or in beds, borders and hedges.

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