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More massive land cracks in UK: Harbingers of even more earth changes to come

Residents assisted by police and military. Many reluctant to leave because insurers said moving out would invalidate their insurance coverage.
Residents assisted by police and military. Many reluctant to leave because insurers said moving out would invalidate their insurance coverage.
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Massive land cracks have, once again developed in southern UK, this time on the Isle of Wight. Are these harbingers of major earth changes and the pole shift to come? You bet!

Military personnel help Isle of Wight residents to evacuate
Isle of Wight Council

Yet another tale of woe for UK residents "suddenly and unexpectedly" losing their homes in southern England in particular, where land slipped and at least nine sinkholes opened in February alone.

On Feb 17, a massive land crack developed on Headon Warren on the Isle of Wight. For residents living on Undercliff Drive on the south side of the island, life has suddenly became increasingly dangerous. Land at the site of the massive crack has dropped between 6 and 30 feet.

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Then, only two weeks later on March 1, the entire land mass fell away from the ridge and headed toward the sea (as can be seen in the slideshow). Part of the road along Undercliff Drive near Ventnor also fell away.

Some of the residents living on the crumbling road in landslip areas have been evacuated as the earth is becoming increasingly unstable. Residents reported cracks in the road were growing on a daily basis, and one evacuated bungalow has already suffered serious structural damage.

Council deputy leader Steve Stubbings said: "We can't tell them they've got to leave, but we have advised them to leave because we are concerned about continuing movement in the area. I understand the rationale behind them staying for the time being, and we are doing everything we can to give them sound advice in terms of what their best movement would be, from now until we can get this situation sorted out."

The Isle of Wight Council said the decision was made to evacuate homes because of safety concerns, a lack of access, and uncertainty about utility supplies.

Initially, only a handful of residents refused to leave, many of them reluctant to go because their insurers said "moving out would invalidate their insurance coverage." In any case, this weekend they had to pack up their belonging and leave, some after decades of living there.

Unfortunately the situation has developed rapidly and for safety reasons the crumbling road has been closed to vehicles. So police, armed forces, and coast guard (all on foot) helped to move residents and their belongings over the crumbling road surfaces. A private security firm and police are patrolling the area.

The handwriting is on the wall for those among us who can read it. Planet X (Nibiru) is here and violently making its presence known and felt in so many ways that it is becoming increasingly difficult for anyone to ignore.

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