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ISIS murders innocent journalist
ISIS murders innocent journalist
Photo by Darren McCollester/Getty Images

Some recent drivel printed in the New York Times under the headline “The Problem With ‘Evil,’” showcases more liberal insanity concerning Al Qaeda, ISIS and the so-called “religion of peace.” Michael Boyle, a liberal professor at La Salle University decided to condemn everyone who calls ISIS “evil.” He described the term as a “moral hazard,” and insists that ISIS is nothing more than “a successful insurgent group.” Anyone with two living brain cells would say he is wrong. Unfortunately, however, in the state of non-reality in which he apparently lives, Boyle evidently believes that we should not accuse jihadist armies of waging genocide against Christians merely because they run around beheading people. Boyle stated that we should not be propagating this supposed “war against the Christian West,” as if this war that is indeed underway is something we all dreamed up.

In reality–that darn “R” word again–it would be difficult to find even one person who accused ISIS of genocide prior to the time they began indiscriminately murdering Christians based on their “convert you or kill you” ideology. Apparently, Mr. Boyle believes we should ignore these realities so that no one thinks anything bad about anyone else. How can one have such childish and unrealistic philosophies and not realize he is a fool?

ISIS does not simply “want a seat at the table,” as Boyle erroneously propagates. ISIS wants to own the table and establish a radical Islamic Caliphate. That's the way it is, folks. ISIS wants Jews and Christians eradicated. ISIS sells women as sex slaves. Isis beheads children. However, according to Mr. Boyle, we should not refer to that as “evil.” Most people would rather not even ask what he thinks we should call it, as whatever word he chooses would probably only make sense in the playground of his mind.

Regardless of how desperately liberal academia wants reality disregarded, evil exists and that is the plain, sober truth. It is not only crawling across the world in the form of sharia law, attacks on religious freedom and atrocities against women and children, it is advancing at a rapid pace. If it is ignored, we will reap the harvest of our lazy, apathetic, unrealistic and childish attitudes and be destroyed. Isis is as evil as hell, as that is where its roots are fastened. Enjoy the mental carnival you live in, Mr. Boyle, with all of its shiny, colorful objects....most of us prefer to face reality, even if we have to admit there's no Utopia and that there is such a thing as a bad person.