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More legal trouble for Justin Bieber: Public urination and initials in the snow

Justin Bieber was caught peeing his initials into the Colorado snow.
Justin Bieber was caught peeing his initials into the Colorado snow.
Justin Bieber/Instagram

Right on the heels of the Justin Bieber egging incident, it looks like the pop star might be in even more trouble. On Jan. 20 Hollywood Life reported that Bieber took off to Colorado for a little snowboarding in the wake of police searching his home.

While a simple snowboarding trip might not be top news, it seems like Bieber just can't stop breaking the law. The "Baby Baby" singer is said to have been caught with his pants down. More specifically, it has been reported that Bieber had his entourage pull over alongside the road on his way to snowboard so he could use the bathroom. Then he proceeded to pee his initials into the snow.

The problem with this is that Justin Bieber was not alone and there were multiple witnesses. The residents of the neighborhood where he marked his territory were not amused and now he might be in more trouble. The issue here is that public urination is illegal. Not only did he do it and people witnessed it but he left his initials behind.

Many are asking if Justin Bieber possesses any common sense at all. He already has a mess of legal trouble brewing after the house egging incident. Even more recently, police searched his home in relation to that incident and uncovered a host of illegal drugs.

Found in Bieber's home include cookie jars full of marijuana, empty containers of codeine and soda bottles stained with the remnants of that codeine. It has even been reported that friends of Bieber were actively flushing other unknown substances down the toilet when police showed up.

How will these new accusations affect Justin Bieber? Do you think he'll see any jail time at all?

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