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More leaks on the Nokia 'telsa'

Will the Lumina 830 finally boost the WP market?
Will the Lumina 830 finally boost the WP market?

At the end of last month leaked reports, about two new Windows 8.1 smartphones, started to emerge. The first of these smartphones is a lower-end phone, that comes with a 5-megapixel front camera, that Microsoft executive and former Nokia CEO Stephen Elop the “selfie”. The reports gave most of the other stats of that phone.

Until now little was know about the second of those smartphones codenamed “tesla”. Newly leaked information by we now have a better picture of what we can expect when the 'telsa' or Lumina 830 comes out later this summer or early fall. It will indeed have a 4.5-inch screen and a pureview camera as we knew from previous leaks. The new stats a 720p display, the new cortana voice activated personal assistant, SD card support and that pureview camera will be a whooping 20.1-megapixel. The report also list there are other impress stats but no clarification of just what those are isn't explained.

The pureview technology is high resolution camera that is suppose to work better in low-light locations. In the past Microsoft and Nokia have used this technology only on their higher-end Windows 8 and 8.1 smartphones like the Nokia 1520 and Icon. Now that Microsoft is aiming more for the low to middle range market they are bring the pureview to that market.

Just when we can expect to see the Lumina 830 on store shelves is still unknown. According to online news blog gsmarena we do have an idea of when the smartphone could be officially announced. That announcement could come at the IFA event held September 5-10 in Berlin, Germany. The event is the European equivalent of the CES (consumer electronics show) and gives technology companies a large stage to launch gadget set for a fall release.

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