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More jobs than ever opening up

For too many years, many people experienced nothing but frustration when looking for work.

But not it appears that the national and South Florida economy has turned a major corner and more people are able to find good jobs.

Throughout the United States, job openings increased to the highest level in over 13 years. The number of unfilled positions increased by 94,000 to 4.67 million. This is the most since February 2001, from 4.58 million in May, according to a report from the U.S. Labor Department. This report was contained in the August 13 Sun Sentinel and many other media outlets.

For many people this means that the long night of job struggles is now over. "I think this is the best news we have had in a long time. This means people like me are seeing multiple job offers. I received three offers all for office management positions in Miami," said Clara McDonald.

"It is about time more job opportunities come along. I went through three years of unemployment. Believe it was a tough time. But now, I am getting offers and I am working 60 to 70 hours a week. I just hope I never see a recession again," said Martin Hough, a Miami carpenter.

"This is great. I am so glad that more people are going to work. I work as a waitress and it is good for me when people are working. This means more customers and more customers with money to spend. I just hope this is the way it will be for the rest of my life. Recessions are no fun," said Brooke Johnson.

"I know things are good for me. I have received too good job offers in my field which is engineering. I may hold out for a better job," said Robert Thompson.

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