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More J-rock Musicians to Play US This Year - Dates Announced!

Two very popular Japanese rock bands are returning to the United States this year. It seems 2010 is a good year for Japanese rock music, as famous visual kei artist Miyavi is doing a US tour this summer.

The Pillows, a Japanese rock band famous for doing the soundtrack FLCL and the opening theme for BECK: Mongolian Chop Squad is playing at Slim's in San Fransisco May 21st as well as May 23rd at the Glass House in Pomona. They will be performing with three other bands: Noodles, Monokuro, and Pop Chocolat.

Also, the J-rock duo VAMPS (made up of Oblivion Dust's K.A.Z and L'Arc~en~Ciel's HYDE) are to be playing three stops in the United States in October as Part of their world tour. They are to play in LA on October 1st, San Fransisco on October 3rd, and NYC on October 9th.