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More Irish Indie rocking LA

Dublin band Shoos.Due to rock out the Viper Rooms on the 19th
Dublin band Shoos.Due to rock out the Viper Rooms on the 19th

Tuesday 19th October sees top Dublin band 'Shoos' rockout the Viper Room in style as they take to the stage after their current stint of recording  in LA . Their recent Irish single release of 'The Distance' sailed to the top of the Irish physical single charts when it was released in May ( in the very same week that Cathy Davey's 'The Nameless' knocked AC/DC's off the topspot in the Irish Album charts) since then the band has been going from strength to strength  with very tight and  world class live shows becomming a hallmark of certainty every time the band takes to the stage. So expect a world class set and performance when they rock the Viper Room on the 19th!

    But there's also a double helping of top Irish talent on the way as Bell XI are currently on their US Acoustic tour and are bringing top acoustic singer songwriter  James Vincent McMorrow with them as their supporting  guest. The 'Bellies' as they are known to fans have , just like Glen Hansards 'Frames', had a cult worldwide following throughout the nineteen-nineties (under the name of 'Juniper' with Damien Rice as their vocalist)  and the band has seen a massive  increase in interest when the band began to tour and record again (without Rice) as BellXI from 2000 on. The band was at times compared and billed as 'the new U2' ...only, as those who know their aviation history will tell you, the BellXI broke the sound barrier alot quicker and didn't get shot down quite so much! The acoustic tour will take in the Hotel Cafe on October 20th and James Vincent McMorrow's  amazing debut ep featuring the classic 'If I Had A Boat' is now available in America (but just in case any shops run out he'll be bringing some extra copies with him on tour).

   If anyone can't wait until next week to catch the Irish invasion then don't worry because State IE have done it again and are currently streaming yet another top new albumlive all week until Bill Colemans 'Can't Buy Back Your Life' is released officialy on Friday. All the physical copies of the album are completely unique as the sleeves and artwork for each copy  was hand crafted  by Bill himself (mark my words,these albums will be highly sought after and as there are only 1000 physical copies in existance you can expect another Californian gold rush once people hear and see the size of this golden nugget!). All copies can be ordered directly from Bill's website along with his previous award winning albums and ep's. You can dig into Bill's streaming seam of gold here for the next two days don'tforget to pitch a claim!