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More Iowans choose liquor, wine over beer

According to a study reported by the AP, Iowans are drinking more wine and liquor, and slightly less beer over the course of the last 12 months.

Iowa's Alcoholic Beverages Division attributes this trend to the age old saying- 'Liquor is quicker'. With Iowans stretching their dollars more and more, it makes sense they'd choose alcohol that is stronger and goes a longer way.

In the fiscal year of 2009 total alcohol sales increased 2.2% (read my other article to find out why). Wine consumption was up by over 5%, liquor sales up 3%, but beer sales dropped 2% this year.

My hypothesis- aside from increased rates of depression during a bad economy and coping through alcohol- is that maybe people are starting to see the health benefits in drinking wine. For years studies have shown the antioxidants in wine reduce the risk for heart disease, increases 'good cholesterol' levels and protects against artery damage.

Study your own alcohol consumption. Are you drinking more wine and liquor now? I noticed I am!


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