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More innocents slaughtered in a disarmed victim zone

Member of US Army training with sidearm
Member of US Army training with sidearm
US Army

When will we learn our lesson? When will we figure out that good wishes and best intentions will not stop bad things from happening?

As often as tragedy seems to occur these days, and as much media attention is showered upon such tragedies, you’d think we would’ve wised up by now.

In case you haven’t realized yet, the latest tragedy of note is yet another shooting at Ft. Hood Army Base in Texas, that took place last week. Yes, the same Ft. Hood that was shot up just five years ago.

The tragedy is that three innocent men lost their lives, and more than a dozen others were wounded, by the hands of someone with mental health, and apparently, anger issues. What makes it so egregious is that those men were unable to fight back and defend themselves, despite the fact that they are specifically trained to be able to do so.

The men and women of our military, especially in the Army, are highly trained in the proficient and safe use of a firearm. They are taught to respect the weapon, and that it is a tool. They do not fear their weapons, and they rarely misuse them. In fact, their job is to use the weapon to protect our country. Yet we persist in disarming them on military bases and do not let them defend themselves.

The idiocy of a policy that deliberately disarms men and women that are trained specifically to use weapons is beyond belief. The fact that this type of tragedy has occurred before, not only in other places but also in this exact same location, only compounds the disbelief.

It is beyond time to end gun free zones, especially on our military bases. We need to let the men and women who are willing and able to safely and effectively carry a sidearm do so.

Of course, there will be critics who say we don’t need more guns, that guns are the problem. They suggest more laws, more registration and more gun free zones.

But the questions remain, did the laws already in place stop this latest shooter? Did the mandatory registration of firearms on the base prevent this latest shooter? Did a gun free zone sign stop this latest shooter?

Of course the answer to those questions is no, none of those things stopped the shooter. The thing that stopped the shooter was someone else with a gun. Once confronted by somebody that wasn’t a disarmed victim, the shooter turned his gun on himself, as usually occurs in these types of situations.

While it is difficult to play “what if” after the fact, it is a fairly safe assumption that this latest shooting could have been stopped, or even prevented altogether had somebody else with a gun been present sooner.

Instead of disarmed victims waiting around for the police to come and rescue them, the men and women on that base could’ve taken their own sidearm and confronted the shooter immediately, potentially saving lives, had they been allowed to carry weapons.

If you agree that continuing the policy of making our military bases into gun free disarmed victim zones is foolish, then please contact your states Senators and Representatives. Tell them to support H.R. 3199, the Safe Military Bases Act, which would repeal the bans on military personnel carrying firearms on military bases.

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