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It is often stated that Republicans are viewed as the old white male party. This is an image fostered in part by the fact the vast majority of minority governing officials are Democrats. That view is showing signs of changing nationally. Across the United States, small signs of hope for diversity in the Republican Party are popping up. In Nevada and New Mexico, the governor are Hispanic Republicans. One of the two African American United States Senators is a Republican, and after 2015 there is likely to be another black Republican Senator.

Which leads me to bring this discussion to its relevance to Illinois politics. Many have heard of Susana Martinez and Tim Scott, but there is a newcomer no one has heard of and he hails from the Midwest. This particular is a place, one would least expect to see a conservative black Republican, Chicagoland. His name is John D. Anthony, Representative from Plainfield, Illinois.

He is former police officer, who was appointed,when Pam Roth resigned from her office of state representative. He is conservative Republican, and does not really talk about race. He seeks to really have a goals geared towards improving lives of people and continuing the work of Representative Roth. To make the transition easier, he even kept her staff. In a recent interview, he said ""I really want to be judged on the merits and not the skin color," Anthony said. "I've always felt welcomed into the Republican Party.

His district is transitionally a Republican, so should he survive his primary, he likely to punch a ticket to an office that he can have as long he wants. However, if he wins his primary, Republicans need to show their support for him and work hard for him. If they ignore him, the left is going to go with their usual talking points and mindlessly attack Republicans for being anti black people. Should he win his race, they eyes of all in the Republican Party will be on him, his status will make him a ideal heir apparent to Randy Hultgren, once he decides to retire.

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