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More hydroponic delivery systems

The common purpose of hydroponic solution delivery systems is to enable a nutrient solution to nourish plants. These systems differ in a variety of ways. Two hydroponic solution delivery systems remain to be covered in this column, and both are widely used today. These remaining procedures are high-tech, sophisticated methods. One is used mostly in commercial hydroponic farms. The other is currently being researched by NASA for space travel.

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The Nutrient Film Technique System is the system used most frequently in commercial hydroponic farming. This method doesn’t use growing mediums to support the plants. Plastic or other synthetic mesh baskets reinforce them. The constant flow of the nutrient solution over the bare roots of the plants requires monitoring by high-tech methods. The nutrient solution is recycled. This delivery system necessitates regular management of the plants and the nutrients.

The Aeroponics System is the most advanced form of hydroponic gardening with the most sophisticated nutrient delivery system. No medium is used because plants are suspended in the air by a specially designed rack. The nutrient solution is sprayed onto the bare roots of the plants. These mistings take place every few minutes and are monitored using high-tech equipment. NASA is currently studying this delivery system for zero-gravity space travel. Its advantages for space travel are many. Some of these are a ready supply of fresh food for space travelers, the ease of growing that food in any environment, and the simplicity of growing food without soil.

Hydroponics offers people throughout the entire world opportunities to grow food easily regardless of the difficulties faced by climate and temperature. It’s a flexible method of growing plants for the home gardener, commercial farmer or the future traveler in outer space.

Live long and well—garden.

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