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Greens & proteins shakes things up.

Watermelon Strawberry Cocktail(left), Green Ginger Limeade(right)
Watermelon Strawberry Cocktail(left), Green Ginger Limeade(right)
Photo taken by Anjula Montgomery for Greens and Proteins

Whether one is looking for tasty and nutritious meal options, a morning pick me up, or a midday boost during a slump, Greens and Proteins offers something for everyone with its wide variety of health conscious options. This little gem is HCG, vegan and raw diet friendly and when it comes to taste nothing is held back!

Enter into this quaint, energetic yet Zen like cafe, located at 8975 S. Eastern Ave. Suite C in Las Vegas, Nevada, one is energized by the shocking lime green yet calmed and unnerved by the trickling waterfall. There is also a refreshingly complementary water beverage of cucumbers and lime near the juice bar available to all customers and refills are free! The customer service is fast and friendly and always willing to help.

Co-Owners, Jon Kinny and Greg Jamalovich created a delicious menu that houses some familiar yet fit American classics, comfort food and snacks. According to Josh Manna, the corporate executive chef, the most popular item is the Grilled Bison Cheeseburger and the "Pick Your Own Meal" option from a wide variety of proteins, grains, greens and sauces. For the daring, there is available a Grilled Ostrich Burger with Alfalfa Sprouts.

The breakfast items are a delicious way to start the day such as the Multigrain Protein Pancakes with bananas and pecans served with warm agave syrup which rivals any pure maple syrup. Southwest Tofu and Soy Chorizo Burritos is a topbsavory option as well, containing Anaheim chillies, cilantro scallions, delicious tofu fries and house made salsa. One of the personal breakfast favorites is the Granola Crusted Whole Wheat French Toast with agave syrup and fried bananas.

If not very hungry and looking for a little nosh to help get through theday, try the Grilled Bufallo Chicken Strips or the Artichoke and Red Pepper Hummus with Lavish Pita. The Thai Chicken Peanut Satays are a rich and enticing blend of spicy satay and Thai slaw.

A very beneficial upside to dining at Greens and Proteins is not only the health rich options that are balanced, but they are very satisfying and will leave the stomach filled for hours. At this particular location, the cafe is set in a convenient spot for those looking for a post or pre workout boost coming from the nearby gym and is a great place to unwind.

If you are not super hungry but would like something cooling and refreshing, there is the option of smoothies and juices. One of the most delicious juices served here is the Watermelon Strawberry Cocktail, containing raspberries and agave nectar(agave is the main sweetener here). Something a littler more thick and filling would be the delicious Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Shake with an appetizing mixture of cocoa powder, dark chocolate chips, avocado, kale , zucchini, spinach, bananas and roasted peanuts will be sure to please.

There are a wide variety of options here; soups, salads, pizzas, wraps and sandwiches, and Greens and Caffeine! Anyone would be sure to love the mouthwatering choices and will leave you coming back for more. Even if one is not a health nut( no pun intended) this one will be sure to please.

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