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More Gore with Lore at Corvidae

In case you haven't taken it in yet, there is one week left to view the LORE exhibition at Corvidae Collective Gallery. Billed as a "Celebration of Folklore from around the World, it features some interesting, unusual and bizarre art inspired by myth, legend and fairytales. In includes pieces dealing with the Norse apocalypse, The Jersey Devil, Mermaids, Persephone and the Pomegranate, and other lore, famous and obscure.

From time immemorial, man (and woman) has been fascinated with myth and legends, be in ancient Greece, the Norse Vikings, or more recent tales such as the Jersey Devil, an uncanny creature often sighted in the woodlands of southern New Jersey. The paintings and sculpture also encompass art inspired by familiar childhood fairy tales, such as Little Red Riding Hood and Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

The exhibit features artwork by: Stephanie Pui-Mun Law (Oakland, CA) Sheri DeBow (Napa, CA) Lindsay Cheeswright (Australia) Terry Montimore (Philadelphia, PA) Brian MacGregor (Savannah, GA) Dion Terry (San Diego, CA) Karen Short (Nashville, TN) Anjeanette Illustration (Nashville, TN) Sam Flegal (Nashville, TN) Chris Ousley (Nashville, TN) John Yandall (Nashville, TN) and Curt Harbits (Emmaus, Pennsylvania.

The Corvidae Gallery is located in the Arcade, between Fourth and Fifth, adjacent to the Avenue of the Arts north (Fifth Avenue). It you are unfamiliar with downtown, just follow the scent of roasting peanuts or the parade of hungry lunch goers. If you love folklore and art, this exhibit is a must see.

LORE: A Celebration of Folklore from around the World Continuing through July 30 at Corvidae Collective Gallery 11 Arcade Downtown Nashville, Tel: 615-251-1609 Gallery Hours: 10:30 - 4:30

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