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More gameplay info released for ‘WWE 2K15’ in IGN interview

Visual Concepts shares more info on upcoming WWE game in IGN Interview.

More gameplay info released for ‘WWE 2K15’ in IGN interview-slide0
2K Sports
More gameplay info released for ‘WWE 2K15’ in IGN interview
2K Games

In an exclusive interview with, the developers behind “WWE 2K15,” Visual Concepts, answered questions from fans on Twitter today, revealing several new gameplay elements that will play a crucial part in the look of next installment of 2K’s professional wrestling series.

Although Visual Concepts dodged several questions involving the games Universe Mode, Creation Suite, the ability to fight in crowds and backstage and any new updates to the Royal Rumble/Battle Royal modes, Visual Concepts did say that the next generation version of “WWE 2K15” will run at 50 frames-per-second and will be in full 1080p.

Little also said that every character in the game will have multiple attires and cited John Cena’s four different costumes in the game’s Showcase mode as an example.

Announced earlier this month, the Showcase mode will consist of 33 matches across the infamous rivalries of CM Punk and John Cena and Triple H and Shawn Michaels. 2K said there will be historical objectives set for each math, similar to last year’s Wrestlemania mode, which will unlock new characters, titles and attire that can be used across every mode in the game.

“Overall, the gameplay is going to be significantly improved over WWE 2K14,” Mark Little, Executive Producer on “WWE 2K15” told today. “More depth, more polish and more options – the best wrestling to date that we’ve offered. These offerings will extend across all match types and modes. More details are coming soon.”

You can read the full interview with Little on

WWE 2K15” is set for a Oct. 28 release in North America and will ship on Oct. 31 internationally.

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