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More Fun Food Patterns for Anyone to Crochet!

A Crocheted Croissant with a Real Croissant!
A Crocheted Croissant with a Real Croissant!
Lisa Keipp

Do you like making crocheted foods? Are they a favorite toy in your children’s or grandchildren’s collection? My personal favorite is to take crocheted foods and give them a happy face with safety eyes and a sewn on smile.

Here’s a few new patterns for you to try out to expand the food collection in your home. They make great gifts for friends as well. The best part about these patterns? They are all FREE! The patterns in this list are good for beginning crocheters as well as the more advanced crochet artist. While I myself am partial to using acrylic yarns, these are all easily done in a sport weight cotton or wool, with cotton filling instead of poly fiberfil.

For safety sake, please be sure, if you add faces, to make sure you either embroidery them on or use safety eyes - readily available at Hobby Lobby and online - instead of buttons, since buttons can pose a choking hazard for wee ones.

For extra fun, you could crochet or sew a small sized grocery bag to store the foods or carry them around in.

Little Miss Peanut – a happy peanut doll with a happy demeanor -

Sweet cupcakes -
Heart Shaped Cookies with Frosting -

A Leek! -

Bock Choy – (Note, this pattern is prefaced by a contest to win a book – the contest is over, but the free pattern is still available)

For the pure oddity of it, a moldy cupcake that appears to be coming to life. I’ve made this one, and it is a hilarious gift to give. I have used a fun Yarn Bee furry gross green yarn to put the spots of mold on – perfect effect!

A cute and innocent looking piece of candycorn -

A Croissant roll – Same one as pictured above!

For a bigger challenge, here is an entire heart shaped box full of chocolates, each individually made. Are you up to the challenge?

I hope I have offered you a few new patterns for your food collection. I’d love to see the pictures of those you make!

Enjoy, and Happy Crocheting!


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