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More from the dealers' show

Hopefully the first of many!
Hopefully the first of many!
Ken Davy

There was a lot more on display at the dealers' show at Outddoor Sports Headquarters on January 16th. Take a few minutes and see what else is new!

Netbait is launching a new 15 inch worm that has already been doing well in field trials in Texas. They also have a huge paddle-tail worm they are calling “The Big Thump”

Fitec is marketing minnow seines and cast nets aimed at lower price point this year. They also have a new gadget they are calling the Fitec Throwing Aid. It's a plastic plate you hang on your belt and it has a clip on it to hold your lead line when you are throwing a cast net. You throw the net and the lead line springs off the clip at the appropriate time. This supposedly will keep you from having to put the lead line between your teeth and watching your dentures sail out into that school of shad.

Northland is at it again with their holographic technology. This year they are producing bigger blades for trolling rigs. They will come pre-rigged and in packs of blades you can rig yourself. The Macho Minnow combines vibration and a holographic finish in a compact package that may just become your new favorite jigging spoon. For the big fish, Northland is introducing two outlandish-looking new spinnerbaits. They are called the Booby Trap and the Booty Call. Their skirts have enough glitter and mylar to keep a fly tier busy all winter.

The cream of the Northland crop is something you will want to pick up as soon as possible. The Hexi-fly  sonar-friendly ice jig will be a revolution in ice fishing similar to the thrumming rod. It uses advanced design to maximize its sonar cross-section so it can be seen by your sonar even though it's in the weeds and no larger than your other jigs.

Bagley is re-launching the classic Big B this year for their 50th anniversary. That's right! The lure that has been going for up to $1,600 on ebay is back and won't cost you nearly that much. They also have a new “Blood” series featuring finishes that indicate the minnow is bleeding, with a blood strip along the side, fading as it nears the tail. Bagley's Baitfish is a lipless crankbait and their first injected series in 28 years. Also new is a B4 jointed swimbait what is designed to be lighter for less casting fatigue. There is even a B4 breast cancer special with a pink back and a pink ribbon decal on one side. A portion of the proceeds from the sales of the pink ones goes to support breast cancer research.

Mustad is launching a new line of fishing pliers.  It will be a full line with different sizes, the belt loop clips around your belt so it can be put on or removed without undoing the belt. No Scent Aluminum Soap from Mustad is an unusual but not illogical new product, since aluminum oxide is a prime ingredient in most deodorant sticks. They are also introducting new swimbait hooks with a silicone core in the weight to allow adjustment of the weight profile and action.

Pfleuger's hot new offering is a large-arbor spinning reel they are calling the Arbor.  It doesn't have all that fast of a retrieve ratio but it is multiplied by that huge arbor. The large arbor will also yield savings thanks to the line you will no longer need to build the spool up to a decent casting depth.

Lunker City is moving into the truly big fish market. Coming soon is a 15 inch, 5 ounce Slug-go for saltwater or all you muskie maniacs out there at Caesar Creek! They also have a new weighted swimbait hook. The weight is easily adjustable for position and it can be changed out for a different weight without re-tying.

Powerbait now has the Ripple Shad swimbait which features a paddle tail and the famous Powerbait fish attractant formula.

There were some other relatively new products on display that actually debuted at the ICAST show in July. These included the new TransOptic line from Trilene which is highly visible above water but changes color to be invisible below the surface.

The day ended with a tour of the Outdoor Sports Headquarters 140,000 square foot warehouse. They market strictly to dealers and distributors, according to Vice President and self-appointed tour guide, Jim Lohm. The sheer size of the warehouse is impressive although it basically consists of row upon row of boxes on shelves.

Look for these products, or at least the ones that fit your angling style this year! Here's hoping it's a record year!



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