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More free science Power Points

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Understanding the environment in which we live is a critical educational component for science students. The following free Power Points can enhance home school lessons or the classroom experience. (Check out the accompanying slide show for previews.)

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FREE classification presentation using Job 38 as its starting point.

Job 41 Power Point describes the creature Leviathan. What was he? Could he have been a crocodile? This 30 slide power point presents Job 41 and scientific data about the crocodilians. Viewers can compare, contrast and draw their own conclusions about these remarkable creations of a mighty God. Best of all - it is free.

This 24 slide power point of desert adaptations includes behavioral (being nocturnal, burrowing for shelter) and structural (such as camouflage, sharp talons, sharp spines, long roots) that God provided desert creatures and discusses predator/prey relationships.

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