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More For Men, Art of Shaving Lexington Razor

The Art of Shaving has loaded stores with the Lexington Collection zinc-bodied black satin razor with chrome-plated accents. It has a Gillette blade and used Flexball technology to bring, for real, maximum contact all the way with your face.

This great razor with a orange Flexball shaft which carefully interacts with the Gillette blades and the zinc body. The zinc in it will keep the razor weighted to shave like a small Bic razor that everyone seems to like. So time is right to buy into the other great razor you want.

The orange Flexball in it will eliminate bouncing and is aligned with chrome asymmetrically to be help even out both sides of your face.

Accessory products to go with that are really incredible are Art of Shaving creams in jars and tubes even with essential oils like sandalwood, lavender, and lemon. Also there is lotions, balms, oils and even shave soap in bowls. The shave soap is a very well-done product that cleanses beneath the skin into the follicle to bring about the healthiest shave you'll get. It will help any discoloration go away and bring a healthy dose of aspirin to you. Don't forget about the Bic razors!

Also remember that essential oils in your shaving creams are good for your health and well-being just like lemons are perfect for the same as a part of your daily diet as men.

See the Art of Shaving products at department stores like Bloomingdale's. This razor is $125 at Bloomingdale's.

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