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More foolishness published in the Baltimore Sun


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Last week the Baltimore Sun published yet another foolish piece of information in its “readers respond” section. The short article was written by a Parkville resident who called for a city-wide ban of guns in Baltimore.

What nonsense.

It absolutely amazes me that many Marylanders actually believe that Baltimore’s high level of violence is due to legal gun ownership.

Almost every week I read the “Murder Ink” section of the City Paper and almost always the murder victims are black males who were gunned down (or stabbed) in known drug areas of the city.

So why does the Parkville resident think legal guns are to blame? Does he really think that drug dealers and gang members follow state and federal gun laws?

Remember marijuana is illegal yet it is still prevalent.

Additionally, Maryland has stricter gun laws than the neighboring states Pennsylvania and Virginia yet Maryland has a higher crime rate!

Furthermore, England banned guns in the entire country years ago and crime actually increased.

Sun readers rated the opinion article less than two stars (out of five) and almost every comment that was left criticized the unreasonable commentary.

Perhaps in the future it wouldn’t hurt if the Baltimore Sun reflected the opinions of real Marylanders instead of continuously printing flawed liberal ideals.

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  • AU 4 years ago

    Good point about marijuana being illegal. Some people will do anything for marijuana. People will have guns either way--isn't it better they're registered?

  • Dunn 4 years ago

    I hope I am wrong... But it appears that The Sun considers a piece or article successful by the amount of controversial or nasty responses it receives from readers. I think someone believes this is a good way to attract readers.

  • Ann Miller 4 years ago

    AU - no, it's not better if they are registered. In the first half of your sentence, you explain why it's meaningless to have them registered and in the second half you mindlessly drone the liberal agenda. Registration costs taxpayer money. It infringes upon Second Amendment rights. It does nothing to combat crime. It is sheer, useless, expensive, bureaucratic, unconstitutional liberal nonsense!

  • Just sayin... 4 years ago

    We have seen the stories of the crime rate dropping over the past year or so. Remember just before and after the election of the Fraud in Chief, gun sales skyrocketed.
    To follow the libprog banners thoughts, with all those new guns on the street crime should have GONE UP!

    This seems like it is proof that more guns means less crime!

  • Jon 4 years ago

    Sean is that a picture of your gun collection?

  • Exidoo 4 years ago

    The UK hasn't banned guns. That ridiculous. Stop regurgitating the old NRA talking point. It's not true.

  • Just sayin... 4 years ago

    Exidoo says:
    The UK hasn't banned guns. That ridiculous. Stop regurgitating the old NRA talking point. It's not true.

    Then man up and offer your proof to debunk it!

  • gun lemmings 4 years ago

    Which "safe" model would you prefer. No guns and very little crime like Japan or everyone has an AK-47 like Isael. Both are safe places to live statistically, but I'll take Japan any day.

  • Just sayin... 4 years ago

    gun lemmings says:
    Which "safe" model would you prefer.

    MILLIONS and MILLIONS of firearms have killed fewer people than Ted Kennedy!

  • Just sayin... 4 years ago

    To compare America and firearms with any other country is a fools tact! Compare those countries that BAN all firearms and America.
    Those countries have dictators or scoundrels and many die at the hands of government.

  • Just sayin... 4 years ago

    Exidoo!! Where are you??? Wheres your proof?

  • wrong! 4 years ago

    Ann Miller you are on crack. Millions of crimes have been solved because they located the gun and it was registered to a criminal. It is a flawed system because humans work to game the system constantly, but its better than the anarchy that you are proposing. On that note, why the kerfluffle over a ban on assault weapons? Have a rifle for hunting, a handgun for protection, but there's no need for an AK-47 in every American home. Please and thank you.