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Chaco ReversiFlips
Chaco ReversiFlips
Robert J Wiebel & Chaco

Melbourne, FL – July 4, 2014 – Since I started doing outdoor recreation product reviews and articles, I have become more aware of what people are wearing and the kind of outdoor gear they are using. This brings me to footwear. The next time you are out shopping at the mall or attending a theme park or any large outdoor event, just look down and observe all the different kinds of footwear people have on their feet. The category besides athletic shoes that stands out is flip flops. They are also referred to as thongs, jandals, pluggers, go-aheads, slappies, slides, step-ins, and chanklas. Archeologists have dated this type of footwear to around 4,000 B.C. that were worn by the ancient Egyptians. According to Wikipedia, “the modern flip-flop descends from the Japanese zōri, which became popular after World War II when soldiers returning to the United States brought them back.”

Twice a year I attend the Surf Expo in Orlando Florida. I can tell you first hand that I cannot count the number of booths where all sorts of flip flips were on display. If the amount of flip flops on display is any indication of the popularity of this type of footwear, then the worldwide market must be huge.

Here is an interesting fact from a Smartketing Reflections website – “Worldwide, especially in many countries with low GDPs, flip flops are a practical, affordable form of footwear that protects the soles of people that would otherwise walk around barefoot. Here in the US; the estimated overall market for footwear is $45 billion with flip flops accounting for $2 billion. One article I read indicated that with an average price of $10 per pair, $5 Wal-Mart specials to designer Gucci’s over $200, there are approximately 200 million pairs sold annually.” That is a lot of flip flops. If you follow Pinterest, check out this flip flop board.

If you are a flip flop aficionado and own more than one pair, I have a flip flop for you. Chaco has a new flip flop for 2014 called the “ReversiFlip”. What separates the ReversiFlip from its competitors is what Chaco calls the LUVSEAT; it is an orthopedic designed foot bed that gives great arch support. All the Chaco footwear has the LUVSEAT. My wife wears orthotics in her shoes. When she wears her Chaco sandals her arches feel just great. The new ReversiFlip has the Chaco LUVSEAT. In addition to the LUVSEAT, the ReversiFlip has replaceable webbing straps of different colors and patterns. Owning a pair of ReversiFlips is like owning multiple flip flops.

The following is a review of the new ReversiFlip provided by Rebecca Long. Becky writes, “As a girl from Florida a pair of flip flops is a necessity. If you are me, you also need enough pairs to match all your outfits. After years of replacing $2 flip flops in various colors, I found the perfect pair of flip flops made by Chaco. I recently got a pair of their ReversiFlips. Now, I have one pair I can customize with reversible, interchangeable straps. I love all the strap options & how easily I can change from one look to another. I have saved room in my closet and ended up with a pair of sandals that are much more comfortable for my feet. Living in Central Florida means one thing: Theme Parks!!! When you spend all day on your feet at a theme park you need a good pair of shoes. In the summer you definitely want a good pair of sandals. Chaco Flips fit the bill! The supportive soles really make a difference! The soft, fabric straps are easy on your skin. And to top it off they perform great in those sudden afternoon storms.”

So if you are thinking about making another flip flop purchase, spend a little extra. Get your first pair of Chaco Flips. Your feet will thank you.
Until next time, be safe in the sun and have a great day in the great outdoors.

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