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More Election Chicanery from Illinois Democrats

The Illinois Kingmaster, House Speaker Michael Madigan, plots more fiendish actions to take against the people and businesses of Illinois.
The Illinois Kingmaster, House Speaker Michael Madigan, plots more fiendish actions to take against the people and businesses of Illinois.
Chicago Tribune

The tales of dead people voting in Chicago as well as Illinois elections is legendary. In fact, overall election fraud in this great state is the talk of the country, and even in many parts of the world. Illinois is a nationwide laughing stock because of its corruption. Despite that, Illinois Democrats are charging full steam ahead this year with more election chicanery.

Late at night at the end of the legislative session in May, Democrats pulled a last-minute fast one. They voted for some election year “experimenting.” Only for 2014. These “experiments” include allowing folks to register to vote the same day they vote. That’s right. You can show up on Election Day, Nov. 4, register to vote and vote that same day.

Another “experiment” is that if you should early vote, you no longer need to show an ID. Up until now when voting early you needed to show an ID, which makes sense because you can go pretty much anywhere to early vote. But, now for this election ONLY, you do not need to flash an ID when early voting.

Another change is that you can vote from home. It used to be when voting by absentee ballot you had to have a reason such as being out of town, planned surgery, something along those lines. Now, you need no reason to vote from home.

Now with all of these changes to make voting “easier,” can you say the words election fraud? What is to stop people from just showing up at any precinct they want to register to vote that day? What is to stop people from going anywhere they want during the early voting process and voting as many times as they want without needing to show an ID? All of these changes don’t necessarily make voting any easier, but they sure do make it easier for Illinois Democrats to conduct all the election fraud they want.

Democrats know they are in trouble in Illinois. They know the citizens and businesses of Illinois are fed up with the corruption, the incompetence, the debt, the pension mess, the high unemployment, the high taxes and all the other problems in this state. They know they just might lose the governor’s office as well as many legislative races. So, they are trying to rig the process as much as possible.

Democrats also have included ballot provisions that people can vote, nonbinding of course. Things like whether the minimum wage should be increased and whether to increase taxes on millionaires. Democrats know this will help rally the base. They know they need all the help they can get this November.

Illinois Democrats haven’t stopped there either. Two other ballot measures, and these were Constitutional measures that could severely impact the Democrats’ control of the state, were to be on the November ballot. One measure, which had more than 600,000 Illinois voters signing on to in support, was for term limits. However, Democrat Judge Mary Mikva threw it off the ballot. She also threw off the ballot another initiative that had more than 500,000 signed petitions: this one would take the once-a-decade legislative map redistricting out of the hands of the politicians. That would mean that Illinois House Speaker and Chairman of the Illinois Democrat Party, Michael Madigan, would no longer be able to create legislative maps with his cronies in the back rooms.

Those in support of term limits, and spearheaded by Bruce Rauner, are vowing to continue the fight to get the term limit measure on the ballot. The folks behind the independent redistricting maps, gave up the fight after Mikva’s ruling. By the way, both provisions have large bipartisan support. But the corrupt Illinois Democrats want nothing to do with any of this. All they are interested in is how best can they steal the election in November.

All of this has been designed by the state's own King, House Speaker and Illinois Democrat Party Chairman Michael Madigan. It's been his lawyer buddy who has led the lawsuits against the term limit and legislative redistricting ballot initiatives. He was the one who crammed through the last minute "experimentation" for this year's elections. He is the all-powerful Oz and all the Democratic state representatives and senators basically do his bidding. He gives the orders, they march.

Ahhhh, Illinois corruption: Gotta love it, huh?

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