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More ‘Dragon Age: Inquisition’ fans invited to the ‘Keep’ beta

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Photo courtesy of Electronic Arts, used with permission

To set up save files for Dragon Age: Inquisition to account for decisions players made in past installments, Bioware is creating a web-based application titled Dragon Age Keep. Fans will be able to go online and answer questions regarding possible decisions that they might have made during the series’ first two entries that could potentially affect what happens in the upcoming third title. In an effort to make sure the app is ready before the release of the game, the developer announced on June 25 that they have sent out another round of beta invites for the Keep.

Dragon Age: Inquisition
Photo courtesy of Electronic Arts, used with permission

The latest round of invites will join the ongoing beta for the Keep where testers are given access to the current version of the app. Through the beta, Bioware hopes to make sure that the system is accurately reading player responses. As more people get added to the test, the developer will also be able to better understand the stress that the app must be able to take when it launches and is hit by a massive amount of traffic.

All players who want their progress remembered from earlier titles in the Dragon Age series will be required to use the Keep since Dragon Age: Inquisition won’t import old save files. There are several advantages to this approach. Since the upcoming entry will appear on new-gen consoles for the first time, the Keep will easily allow players to move to a different platform family that might not otherwise be able to read their old saves.

Bioware has also said that the Keep lets them take various situations from previous games into account that weren’t originally tagged for the system to pick up on within the games’ saves. This gives the developer the opportunity to trigger new events that wouldn’t be possible by merely importing old saves. Finally, the Keep will give those who have never played a Dragon Age game before the chance to jump into the series. The app will provide descriptions of the different events to catch up newcomers and allow them to also customize the world of Thedas with their decisions.