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More ‘Dragon Age: Inquisition’ fans invited to join the ‘Dragon Age Keep’ beta

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To help set up the world state of Dragon Age: Inquisition, Bioware is working on a web-based app called the Dragon Age Keep that will release ahead of the game. Using the Keep, fans will answer a number of questions about the first two installments of the series so that the events of the next game will be tailored specifically to each player’s decisions. To make sure that the Keep is ready to launch in the coming months, Bioware’s director of online development Fernando Melo announced on July 7 that another batch of beta invites were sent out.

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By adding an increasing number of players to the Dragon Age Keep beta, Bioware is ensuring that the application is properly recording people’s decisions in addition to making sure that it will be able to handle the strain it will face after it is released to the public. The Keep will be the only method that gamers will be give to see that their decisions from the first two Dragon Age games will affect the world of Dragon Age: Inquisition as the upcoming third entry won’t feature any kind of support to directly import save files.

However, Bioware feels that the Dragon Age Keep app will allow for greater flexibility than simple save imports for several reasons. First of all, with Dragon Age: Inquisition bringing the franchise to a new generation of platforms for the first time, being able to import last-gen saves to the new hardware would be problematic at best. The app is also beneficial to those who have never played a Dragon Age title in the past. The Keep will allow newcomers to also set up a world stat based on their own specifications, thus making the game appeal to new gamers.

The Dragon Age Keep is currently in closed beta to prepare the app for release. Bioware has previously confirmed that the Keep will launch before Dragon Age: Inquisition so that fans will have time to build their game save accordingly.