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More dogs missing in Missouri: White van blamed again

Your dog can disappear in a minute, even from a fenced yard.
Morguefile/ Schick

Disappearing dogs and a mysterious white van were being reported in Lonedell, Mo back in March of 2013. According to a Fox2 News report on January 22, 2014, more dogs are disappearing in and around Albany, Mo recently and witnesses are once again reporting seeing a white van.

When the van first started showing up and taking dogs right off the street, it was reported that the van had a humane society sign on the side of it, so people just assumed it was legitimate. The Franklin County Humane Society confirmed that they did have a white van, but they only used it for animal transport and were not picking up dogs off the street.

Several dogs in the Albany area have went missing and then miraculously reappeared at their owner’s door. Some were reported to have injuries when they returned. One dog disappeared out of a fenced yard and showed up 10 days later. His owner told Fox News:

Went to the door and there he stood, half frozen, very thin, with lacerations all over his neck. His feet were all cut up and so were his paws,”

So what fate do these dogs face after they have been snatched? Did this dog somehow get away and injure himself in trying to find his way home? Was he an unwitting contestant in an illegal dog fight and then was let go or got away? What about the missing dogs that have never been found?

It seems like whoever is in this white van will stop at nothing to get their hands on a dog and they are so good at snatching and disappearing that they have eluded being caught. It doesn’t seem very smart that they would continue to use the same white van, but apparently they are getting away with it.

The best way to keep your dog safe is to always keep an eye on him or her. Do not leave your dog alone, even in a fenced in area, because a fence is not stopping them. Even if you allow your dog to be off leash at a dog park, be aware of your surroundings. It only takes a split second for someone to grab your dog and be gone.

If you see a white van in your area, guard your dog closely and watch to see what the van is doing. If it is a vehicle you are not familiar with and it gives you any reason to be suspicious, call your local police department and report it. You might be saving someone’s dog from a terrible fate.

"It breaks my heart to see so many homeless or mistreated or missing pets. I try to do my part to help them, by educating the public in pet health and care." Donna also writes about pet care from personal experience with her own two fur babies. Subscribe above to follow what she writes or contact her at

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