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More decor tips and ideas from the 2014 IKEA catalog

Kids' Rooms

An IKEA commercial warehouse distribution center by getty images

When decorating and designing a kid's room, make room for organizing play or playing that is organized.

Make room for imagination; a comfy rocking chair and books stored on low shelves help keep full focus on the stories.


The IKEA INGATORP table can seat up to six people; the entire table extends-including the legs!-giving room for more chairs.

Combine tables with similar measurements to make a really long one.

Storage doesn't have to be stationary-IKEA's variety of kitchen carts and other units on wheels provides the supplies you need wherever you want it. And then it can be wheeled back to its original “parking” spot.

Build a long sofa using modular pieces and change it to sit as you please-in a circle, on your own or back-to-back.

Rethink your rooms to have it all. Combine sitting good and eating great by integrating sofas with dining.
Here's how to seat 10 dinner guests: Let them sit on the sofa and add a table for each. It means more comfortable seating. And with a removable washable sofa cover, spilling doesn't matter.


For a more sustainable life at home, everyday actions matter-like using energy efficient appliances and water-saving faucets, and recycling more.

An induction cooktop can save you both time and money, because they're fast and use up to 40% less energy than than a gas cooktop, 30% less energy than a cast-iron cooktop and 15% less than a glass ceraminc one.

Fresh-cut herbs make cooking a little better, and fresh-cut flowers for the table make eating a little nicer. Going green has a lot to do with your home environment, too.


With calm colors, hidden storage and simplistic furniture, you can create a bedroom that is really relaxing practical at the same time.

In a bedroom, tactility is really important, Feel-good natural materials help create a sleep-good atmosphere.


Even a small bathroom can become a home oasis to spend valuable me-time in. All you need is some pictures, a bench and a good book.

Keep dryers, brushes and combs on carts outside the bathroom so you can fix your hair during the “rush hour”. This is one way to unbusy the bathroom, by making use of the space outside of it.


Natural materials give a pleasant feeling in any home. We are constantly developing new ways to treat wood surfaces that will bring out the natural beauty of the wood and make it durable to withstand scratches, coffee, heat, etc. It's not enough that the surface is durable and looks pleasing. It needs to feel nice, too.”-Bengt Ling, Surface treatment developer

Did You Know That.....

Sliding doors are a great idea for narrow entrances.

Source: The 2014 IKEA catalog

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